These recordings are raw, sparse and imperfect. I wanted the recording to reflect that moment. Nothing about His birth was polished or clean. It wasn’t a huge royal procession, clamoring for attention. It was intimate and modest. I wanted to capture the stillness, the purity of that night. The whole earth must have fallen silent for a moment, all of creation anticipating the first breath of GOD... as man. 

Mary faced utter shame for the pregnancy, which threatened dishonor on both her family and her fiancé. The King set out on a murderous rampage to prevent Jesus’ life, in terror of the power he had heard the child would posses. He found three men on their way to Jesus and manipulated them into giving him intel. The men were later warned in a dream of the grave danger in reporting back, so they had to secretly flee the country. Furious at being tricked, the King then ordered a genocide on all infants and toddlers. Mary and Joseph had to escape to Egypt, far from home, and wait until the King died so they could return..

These songs are done to honor the darker side of this holiday. 

one founded upon the thrilling, dramatic, historic birth of Jesus Christ:

for surely the night on which He was born
was one of absolute awe